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Hi there! 
I'm a UX designer with a background in science and recruiting.

My Story

Previously working as a technical recruiter, I left my job to take the much needed time to reflect on my personal goals and how I wanted to make a notable impact in the world. I stumbled upon UX design along my journey and never looked back since.

I was immediately drawn to the pursuit of designing for the user, in truly listening to their needs, frustrations and creating innovative solutions to tackle these issues. Ultimately, the goal is to create the best experience possible for the intended user. When reflecting back on my own history, what gave me most fulfillment was creating positive experiences for other people.

My Experience

During university, I volunteered with a non-profit organization called AIESEC that organizes volunteer and internship opportunities abroad. As I progressed through the organization taking on leadership positions, I worked exclusively on improving the applicant and membership experience. I put my problem solving skills into practice as I worked with my team to brainstorm ideas and facilitate them. What motivated me through this experience was the duty and responsibility I had to better serve my members and applicants.

As a recruiter, I was responsible for ensuring a positive experience for candidates during every step of the recruitment process. I felt most fulfilled when connecting with candidates, learning their stories, motivations and goals to provide relevant insights and opportunities. I also enjoyed leading candidates through the onboarding process for a smooth transition into their new role, and troubleshooting with them to address any frustrations. It was this experience that helped me recognize my innate desire to help people solve their problems.
AIESEC National conference
AIESEC National Conference
Tunnel bluffs
Tunnel Bluffs

My Interests

In my personal time, you can find me trying new foods, spending time with close friends, or at a local hiking trail to explore all that Vancouver has to offer.